cost of flakiness of others

This week is turning into an expensive week due to flakiness of others.

On Monday, I had a meeting with folks who are generally difficult to get a hold of. I had promised them sugar as an incentive to attend the meeting. Just as I was checking out at the gourmet bakery nearby, I received the meeting reschedule notice moving it to Tuesday. At this point I had already paid and gotten the items wrapped up, there was no way I could return the items. I ended up sharing them with my team.

Today, I was supposed to go to lunch with my mentor at work. It has been on our calendars for the past week. I almost brought my lunch today but didn’t when I remembered that I was meeting up with him. He ended up getting caught in a meeting and canceled. I had to go out and buy my lunch today.

I still have business days left for this budget period (I put money into the various categories 2x a month) and I have already blown my work budget for things that didn’t even take place. I get that I would have blown my budget anyway if the events occurred but there would have been advancements in the project and career. I am now out of cash and, since the lunch has been rescheduled, I will go even further in the negative on this category.

It isn’t the end of the world and I can move my cash around to make it work until the 15th. It is just irritating.

3 thoughts on “cost of flakiness of others

  1. Crystal

    That is amazingly annoying. It’s hard to accept that other people affect our budget significantly…good and bad. Good luck cutting back until the 15th and hope no one else cancels on you at the last minute!

    1. Ginger Post author

      OMG my first message! Thanks for stopping by. Yes, I think we all don’t think about our actions and how that may impact others. I am sure a lot of their actions are due to their behaviors – if bringing in food and eating out is a common occurrence, I can see how they wouldn’t think about it impacting anyone else.

      My apologies in advance – I am new to this blogging thing so I am still trying to get a hang of posting regularly, get the site to look the way I want, etc. Thanks again for stopping by!


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