networth re-calibration

After much thought, I decided to re-calibrate my networth. It is a painful move because my networth heavily benefited from the equity of my condo but I was using the number provided by Personal Capital which is powered by Zillow, and I have seen wild swings (we are talking +/- $50k). I recently refinanced so I decided to use the appraisal value quoted for the refi. It pains me to see the value drop so much but I would rather be conservative in estimating my wealth than too liberal.

Hopefully this is the only huge networth decrease I see this year… 🙁

One thought on “networth re-calibration

  1. Crystal

    The trick to net worth calculations is to take the controllable details seriously, but not the magical numbers that can change month to month aren’t anything to stress over. 🙂


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