the point of it all

Why am I starting this blog?

I have stared at that question for a few minutes now. The fact I am unable to answer it quickly shows the struggle. I feel like I want things to change but I am not sure how to bring change.

On paper my life sounds great. I have a grown up job at a reputable company, making grown up money in a lady boss role. I love my team, the work that we do, and the results we deliver. I love my boss although sometimes she drives me crazy. I live with a sweet boyfriend and a cuddly puppy. I have my own condo in a bustling part of town. I shouldn’t be so lost but here I am.

This may be just me getting on a bandwagon, if you will, with the FIRE (financial independence retiring early) movement. But I can see me burning out. The person who constantly would think and plan her next step of her career doesn’t want to do that anymore. To sound very anti-feminist, I want to have kids and be a hands on parent. I can’t do that if I am working the hours I work with the same amount of stress.

I am tentatively setting a goal to give me the option of FIRE within a 10 year time frame. I am sure this is laughable to those who achieve it in lightening speed. But I am very risk adverse and I have determined my FIRE number to be $1MM net worth.

This blog is to document my thoughts and journey to that magic number.

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